Sermons by James Webb

More & More Faith

Shona leads June’s All Age Service, carrying on our theme of More & More and this month thinking about more and more faith. What different things can we do to help us grow in our faith in God? Susan, James and Chris all give examples from their lives of times when their faith has grown. We also have an introduction to the mission of the month, GenR8, from Lynn Hawkins.

Pete and Nick lead our sung worship with assistance from Ricky.

More and More Loving God’s Family

In our all age services we are continuing to look at the theme of “more and more” and this month we focus on loving God’s family. James leads the service as we think about how we can love each other as God loves us, by bearing with one another and chosing to forgive our fellow believers.

Mike and Dave lead our sung worship this week.

All Age Service

James leads our all-age service for October. God loves us. He loves his church, and he loves everyone in it. We all know this! But he also loves everyone outside of the church too and gives us the task of showing that love to everyone we meet. How do we do that with our friends, colleagues and the other people we meet every day?

Mike leads us in our sung worship this week.

What Can You Hear?

In our first all-age service for 2023, James leads us through a brief look at God’s calling of Samuel at the temple. How often do we hear from God? What is He going to be saying to you in 2023? And when we do hear God do we mistake His voice for something else?

Pete leads our sung worship.

Love is Patient and Kind

What Is Love? is the title of a 1993 number 2 hit for the Eurodance artist Haddaway. It is also the subject of our all-age service for October (the question, not the song). James leads us through some possible definitions of love, focussing on love being patient and kind, Paul’s first two definitions of love from 1 Corinthians 13.

Mike leads our sung worship and Chris leads prayers.

What is Church? The Nation of God

We begin a new series this week, looking at What is Church? James Webb leads us through the first in our studies, focussing on our role as a Holy Priesthood.
Shona leads the rest of the service, with contributions from Alan and Megan Barker, our link missionaries in Nepal, whilst Barry leads prayers and Trevor brings us the reading.


Elijah was a man who trusted God completely. He followed all of God’s commandments through good and bad without knowing what would happen to him or those around him. When we have tough times, it’s easy to forget that God has a plan for us. Sometimes we need some perspective to see what that plan is.