Life Events


We believe that every person has to choose for themselves whether to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord. For this reason we do not baptise infants (some times called Christening). We reserve baptism for believers, that is those who have personally accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We recognise that families vary enormously and we are happy to work with you to prepare a ceremony which is right for you. Whilst this section refers to births we would be happy to develop a ceremony for older children and adopted children. We offer two starting points as options for the parents or guardians to consider: Thanksgiving and Dedication.


This is a ceremony in which a parent or gaurdian gives thanks to God for the birth of the child and ask His blessing on the child’s life. This usually takes place as part of our Sunday Worship service. Parents may, if they wish make commitments before God.


In this ceremony the parent or gaurdians not only give thanks to God but commit to bring their child within the Christian community, and, by God’s grace, so to live that the child will be nurtured by Christian love and surrounded by the life of Jesus. The congregation also make a commitment to prayer for and support the child. This usually takes place as part of our Sunday Worship service.

Those considering either of these ceremonies should Contact Us


The word baptise means “to immerse”. Jesus command us to make disciples and baptise them. Baptism is symbolic of our death to our old way of life, our new birth in Christ and our cleansing by the Holy Spirit. We baptise people who have come to personal repentance and who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We believe the right time for baptism is when someone comes to settled decision to follow Christ and the biblical meaning of baptism is full immersion. This usually takes place as part of our Sunday Worship service.

Anyone considering a baptism should Contact Us

Church Membership

Non-members are welcome to all our services and meetings exept members meetings. Neither membership not baptism are required to recieve bread and wine at communion services.

Membership is open to all who profess repentance towards God, have faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, who believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and whose lives bear evidence of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by their Christian Profession.

All those who wish to be part of building a loving, worshipping, learning, evangelistic and Spirit-filled fellowship in Burwell are encouraged to become members.

Those considering a membership of Burwell Baptist Church should Contact Us


Christian Marriage takes place as part of a service of worship. It is a covenant made before God and an invitation for God to be at the heart of the relationship. We are required to have an authorised person persent to certify the marriage for which there is a small fee. Couples who do not regularly attend the church would usually be required to attend worship services for an agreed length of time before the marriage. All couples are strongly advised to undertake marriage preparation course.

Those considering marriage in our building should Contact Us before setting a date.


We offer funeral services for members and non-members. Services in our church building may preceded or followed by comital or our minister can conduct services at the crematorium or graveside. Each funeral is designed with the family of the deceased and aims to be personal, uplifting, meaningful and comforting. There is usually a charge for funerals unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Those wanting our minister to lead a funeral service should Contact Us before setting a date.