Prayer is the heartbeat of the church. Personal prayer and corporate prayer are the way we hear God, offer our requests to Him and receive the empowering of His Spirit.

Here are a few of the ways we encourage prayer:

Notice Sheet In addition to specific prayer points, our weekly notice sheet is a prompt to pray for all our events and members of the congregation.

Prayer Partners We offer a schedule to encourage people to pray for each other.

Our Prayer Partners Scheme aims to increase the amount of prayer amongst our congregation as well as knitting our church family more closely together. By helping us to get to know each other better and understand our current needs, concerns or celebrations, the scheme will enable us to build relationships and support and encourage each other through regular contact and prayer.
Those who join our Prayer Partners Scheme will be paired up with other members and will contact each other, on a Sunday at church and/or by phone, asking how they can pray for each other. They will then pray for each other during the month and check in with each other throughout that month, if they wish. The pairs will then be re-assigned different partners for the following month.

Sunday Mornings We meet at 10:00am (30 minutes before the service) to pray for the service.

Monday Evening Prayer We gather each Monday (except bank holidays) 7:30pm in the church lounge. We listen to God through spiritual gifts and to bring our requests to Him in prayer.

Away Days Once a year we take time to meet with God together either in our church building or elsewhere.

You can request prayer for yourself using contact us. Please ask permission before sharing confidential information about someone else.