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This Sunday we joined with the other churches of Burwell for our annual Unity Service. Methodist minister Rev. Colin Watkins speaks about Paul and Luke’s shipwreck on Malta and how different denominations can work together in unity to further God’s Kingdom.

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Vision Service

Chris introduces the year text and speaks about what he believes is the Lord’s vision for 2020.

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A New Start

Excerpts from an all age service about starting afresh with God.

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Wise Men

Kath explores similarities between the story of the Wise Men and our earlier Advent series.

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Responding to God’s Promises

Chris examines the visit of Mary to Elizabeth to see what we can learn about responding to God’s promises.

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Light in the Darkness

Chris speaks at our candlelit carol service.

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Jesus Light of the World: Follow

As we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we seek to draw close to Him and in following Him we learn to follow His ways. The more we follow His ways the closer we follow Him and the more we learn about His ways.

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Jesus Light of the World: Sent

The way in which Jesus brings light to a man born blind illustrates how His life brings light to all who will go where He sends them.  Are you willing to go?

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Jesus Light of the World: Believe

John tells us that Jesus’ life is the light of the world. The world is divided into two parts. The people who want to hide from that light and those who are drawn to trust in the life of Jesus so much that they change their behaviour. Hear what it means to believe in Jesus.

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Mark 16

Jesus is alive. His body was raised physically from the grave. We consider the event of the resurrection and seek to live in the light this brings. Chris also explores the mysterious ending of Mark’s gospel.

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