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Comfort in Trouble

We start a new series this week looking at Paul’s second published (third overall) letter to the Corinthians. Paul finds himself writing to a deeply troubled church, his previous visit had not been particularly well recieved and Paul himself had recently been under extreme pressure during his time in what we would now call modern-day Turkey. As such, he writes in his opening passages about God’s comfort. As Christians we are not promised a trouble-free life – quite the opposite in fact! – but we are reassured that God has anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, put his Spirit in our hearts and will ultimately make us stand firm in Christ.

Susan leads the rest of the service whilst Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

Talking Jesus

Yesterday we held our away day with Rachael Heffer, head of mission at the Evangelical Alliance, spoke about their research programme “Talking Jesus”. In this service Chris summarises what we heard – both from Rachael and from God – and the small group leaders feed back to the wider church family the thoughts that arose from our discussions in the afternoon sessions.

James leads the rest of the service whilst Mike and Ricky (for some reason with the video horribly out of sync – sorry chaps!) lead our sung worship.

Away Day 2024: Talking Jesus

On Saturday 8th June 2024 we held our church away day at St Ethelreda’s Church in Reach. Joining us was Rachael Heffer, head of mission for the Evangelical Alliance and our theme this year was “Talking Jesus”. Rachael speaks on the attitudes of the general public in the UK towards Jesus and Christianity, data gathered by the Evangelical Alliance and partner organisations through a nation-wide survey in 2022. Some of the results may surprise you! How can the conclusions drawn from this survey help focus our mission as a Church, both locally and nationally?

More & More Faith

Shona leads June’s All Age Service, carrying on our theme of More & More and this month thinking about more and more faith. What different things can we do to help us grow in our faith in God? Susan, James and Chris all give examples from their lives of times when their faith has grown. We also have an introduction to the mission of the month, GenR8, from Lynn Hawkins.

Pete and Nick lead our sung worship with assistance from Ricky.

Sharing Service

As we begin to prepare for our away day in a fortnight’s time Karen and Chris lead a sharing service where the floor is left open for any member of the congregation to bring pictures, words, scriptures, senses of God’s presence, anything that they feel is from the Lord. What is God saying to us as a Church as we navigate our way through a sometimes troubling and difficult world?

Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

Pentecost: Liberation Day

Join us this week as we celebrated Pentecost together! Chris speaks on the circumstances surrounding the revelation of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in Jerusalem and its happening at a significant point in the Jewish calendar, how God pre-prepared for that moment by decreeing the festivals to be celebrated thousands of years beforehand. The people in Jerusalem heard God speaking through the disciples gathered there. That same Spirit enables us to hear from God too. What have you heard recently?

As Susan was unwell, Chris also leads the rest of the service with a reflection on how the Spirit cannot be contained and is like a breath and fire. Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

The Bread of Life

Our speaker this week is our EBA regional minister Gale Richards. Gale speaks on Jesus’ encouragement to us that he is our bread of life, the sustinence that we all need. How can we embrace that and begin to share it with those around us?

Ant leads the rest of the service as he asks us what Jesus’ favourite sandwich would be (it’s relevant, we promise!), Pete gives us an update on our Mission of the Month (AIM) and Mike and Dave lead our sung worship.

More and More Loving God’s Family

In our all age services we are continuing to look at the theme of “more and more” and this month we focus on loving God’s family. James leads the service as we think about how we can love each other as God loves us, by bearing with one another and chosing to forgive our fellow believers.

Mike and Dave lead our sung worship this week.

Acts 11, Part Two

This week in our Acts series we see the focus shifting from Peter to the spread of the Gospel to the north of Israel in Antioch (on the modern day Turkish/Syrian border) and Barnabas’ mission to bring encouragement and teaching to the newly-named Christian community there. During his time in Antioch Barnabas recruits Saul, who the apostles had previously sent to Tarsus, to join him. This initial spread of Christianity may have seemed random and disorganised but – as Chris encourages us – God often uses disorder to bring forward his purposes. What apparent disorder can we see today that God is working through?

Andy leads the rest of the service as we invite the Holy Spirit to take away all our inhibitions and Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

Acts 11, Part One

This week in our Acts series we find Peter returing to Jerusalem from Caesarea and reporting back to the church what had happened before and during his visit to Cornelius. We see a reiteration of his belief that God has opened up the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles, and Chris looks at why this may have been a challenge to the Jewish believers. He also explains that – as most of us in the west are Gentiles – in accepting Jesus we are also grafted into the (historic) people of Israel and can share in their promised inheritance.

Susan leads the rest of the service whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.