Sermons on John

Advent 2023: Joy

We continue our Advent series for 2023 and Chris looks this week at the joy that Jesus brings. Joy is a simple but powerful word. It’s not something that we can force ourselves to feel, but something that processes out of glorifying and rejoicing in the Lord. Even in our darkest moments we are called to rejoice in the Lord and what Jesus has done, from this rejoicing will come our joy!

Ant leads the rest of the service with a rather unorthodox baking tutorial whilst Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

All Age Service

James leads our all-age service for October. God loves us. He loves his church, and he loves everyone in it. We all know this! But he also loves everyone outside of the church too and gives us the task of showing that love to everyone we meet. How do we do that with our friends, colleagues and the other people we meet every day?

Mike leads us in our sung worship this week.

Hope is Here

Where does your hope come from? This Resurrection Sunday Chris looks at Jesus’ mission, which was fulfilled through the cross to seek and save the lost. Can Jesus reignite your hope through his sacrifice today?

Susan leads the rest of the service as we also celebrate George and Maureen’s diamond wedding anniversary whilst Pete leads our sung worship.

Palm Sunday 2023

For our All Age Palm Sunday service Chris leads us in several reflections based around the events of the 8 days of Holy Week. From the Triumphal Entry to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection the following weekend how do we respond to his amazing sacrifice?

Mike leads our sung worship this week.

Advent in 4D: John

This week we complete our Advent series with Chris looking at John’s account of the coming of Jesus. Like Mark he dispenses with the story of the birth, choosing not to to focus on the literal events that took place but on the immense implications of Jesus’ arrival. He takes us right the way back to Genesis and Exodus to explain how the same God that created the world and had spoken to Moses through the burning bush came down to Earth in the form of Jesus. His purpose is to explain these events so that through the spirit-influenced writings we may be confident in our belief in Jesus.

Karen leads the rest of the service whilst Mike leads our sung worship and we also share communion together.

Love Does Not Delight In Evil But Rejoices With The Truth

In a world where absolute truth is increasingly being sidelined by opinions stated as truth as Christians we have the task of making sure that the truth of Jesus doesn’t get diluted by false truths and alternate facts. How do we do that? Chris looks at how – through the ability to love given to us through the Holy Spirit – we can confront the sin and evil in the world with the truth of Jesus.

Susan leads the rest of the service with our final YWAM update, and Pete leads our sung worship.

Jesus Raises Lazarus

Over the summer we have been looking at four of Jesus’ healing miracles from John’s gospel. This week in the final part of the series Chris speaks on perhaps the most incredible miracle of all – the raising of Lazarus from the dead. We are reminded that God doesn’t always work to our earthly timelines but uses all things to reveal His glory.

James leads the rest of the service with sung worship this week led by Nick and Pete.

Jesus Heals The Man Born Blind

In the next part of our summer series on Jesus’ healing miracles throughout John Chris loosk at the story of Jesus healing the man born blind. What does the man’s reaction to Jesus say about our faith? Have we met the Son of Man?

Andy leads the rest of the service with a moment of minor embarassment whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Jesus Heals The Paralysed Man

Continuing in our summer series on Jesus’ healing miracles, this week Chris looks at the healing of the paralysed man in Jerusalem. Why did Jesus choose to heal just him and not the others surrounding the pool? And what does the conversation Jesus has with him have to teach us about our attitudes towards miraculous healing?

Shona leads the rest of the service with sung worship led by Pete.