Sermons by Chris Johnson

Covenant Service

This Sunday we held our annual covenant service, which gives us the opportunity after our AGM this past week to renew our commitment and covenant with God and with each other. We also pray for and commission our leaders for the coming year. Chris speaks briefly on the Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit and encourages us to choose one of each to focus and ask God for help with on over the coming year.

Mike leads our sung worship this week.

Acts 9, Part 1

This week we resume our series in Acts, which we began last summer. If you can’t remember back that far (the last part was in September after all!) Chris gives us a brief catch-up on what has happened so far before we look at Saul’s encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. This is the start of the amazing turnaround in Saul’s life from being one of the chief persecutors of early Christianity to becoming probably the most prolific evangelist in church history. God can use anyone!

Karen leads the rest of the service whilst Pete leads our sung worship this week.

More and More Thankfulness

This week in February’s all age service Chris introduces the theme for our all age services for the next few months: “More and More”. The universe is big. Really big. Really, really, really big and it’s getting bigger all the time, there’s more and more universe every day. Just like the universe, its creator, God, is awe inspiring. What we need to do is give more and more thanksgiving to him!

Mike and Lynne lead us in our sung worship this week.

2024 Year Text in Context

After introducing our year text for 2024 a couple of weeks ago, Chris now looks at the verse in the original context. What was Paul trying to say to the Corinthians through this part of his letter, and how is that teaching going to be applicable to our lives throughout 2024?

Andy leads the rest of the service with an update on the Mission of the Month for January, CSW, whilst Mike leads our sung worship this week.

Vision Service 2024

As we continue into 2024 we take some time this week to look back on what God has done through the church over the last year. Chris leads us through some of the ways that we’ve been led as a church and looks forward to what is going to happen in the coming year. We also reveal our year text and Chris speaks briefly about the meaning and decision behind the verse being chosen. But more on that in a couple of weeks!

Susan leads the rest of the service with a reflection on the Psalms whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Advent 2023: Peace

As we conclude our Advent series for 2023 Chris looks at Jesus bringing peace to the world. This doesn’t just mean no conflict; it means true Shalom peace, the reconciliation and reunification of God’s people. The making right of the world. And Jesus calls us to do that right alongside him.

We also have prayers for peace in situations in our lives and around the world whilst Pete leads our sung Christmas worship.

Advent 2023: Joy

We continue our Advent series for 2023 and Chris looks this week at the joy that Jesus brings. Joy is a simple but powerful word. It’s not something that we can force ourselves to feel, but something that processes out of glorifying and rejoicing in the Lord. Even in our darkest moments we are called to rejoice in the Lord and what Jesus has done, from this rejoicing will come our joy!

Ant leads the rest of the service with a rather unorthodox baking tutorial whilst Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

Advent 2023: Faith

After our all-age service last week we now start our Advent series for 2023 in earnest with Chris looking at the interconnected nature of hope, faith, joy and peace. This week he looks at faith, the nature of the faith we have in God, how faith comes out of hope, and how faith must inevitably lead to action: otherwise we might as well not have it at all.

Susan leads the rest of our service whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Joy

This week is the final part of our series in Isaiah 61, with Chris looking at verse 7. We see the last exchanges that Isaiah is prophecying about: that through God’s Spirit our shame and disgrace will turn into an inheritance of joy. Thanks to Jesus’ unthinkable sacrifice on the cross we don’t need to bear any more shame for the sins we have comitted and can exchange those for joy in God, which is our strength.

Andy leads the rest of the service as we get an update from Trevor about our mission of the month Mercy Ships, whilst Lynne and Mike lead our sung worship.