Sermons by Chris Johnson

How Will Jesus Build His Church?

In the final part of our two most recent series, building and being a fellowship, Chris ties together the threads and explores how Jesus will build His church. We look at how the statements are intrinsically linked together – how you cannot be a loving, worshipping, learning, evangelistic or spirit-filled fellowship without Jesus’ guidance and how leaving just one of those out causes the rest to fall. You cannot have one without all the others!

Susan leads the rest of the service with a time for the sharing of testimonies and sung worship led by Pete.

Being a Spirit Filled Fellowship Part 3: How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?

We continue our series on being a spirit filled fellowship with Chris this week asking the question of how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Well, there’s a simple answer for that: ask! And keep on asking. But how do we overcome some of the barriers that keep us from asking?

After the message we had a period of time to allow us to ask God for His Holy Spirit to fill us and exercise spiritual gifts. Mike and Lynne lead our sung worship.

Pentecost 2022: Thank You, Sorry, Please

In the midst of the Platinum Jubilee weekend we take a short break from our current series and celebrate not only the historic event of Queen Elizabeth II reigning for 70 years but also the even more historic event of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the birthday of the Church. Shona leads us through an all-age service, speaking on where the Holy Spirit is and how we can recognise his work. Chris leads us in our prayers for our nation, prompting us to thank God, say sorry to Him and ask Him for His help in our country and in ourselves.

Pete leads our sung worship this week.

Being a Spirit Filled Fellowship Part One: Who is the Holy Spirit?

In the lead-up to Pentecost in a couple of weeks, we re-visit our series on Being a Fellowship with the first of four services on Being a Spirit Filled Fellowship. This week, Chris looks at the basics: who is the Holy Spirit and how can he be a mediator between us and God?

Andy leads the rest of the service as welcome Anne into membership, share communion with each other and sing togther with music led by Pete.

Test Everything

Following on from last week’s service where Chris talked on how to hear from God, this week we look at how we can make sure that what we do hear is indeed from God. How can we be sure that what we hear is what God wants us to hear and not something that we’re interpreting in the way that we want to see it?

Ant leads the rest of the service as we get an update from Kath on our Mission of the Month for May, AIM, and Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

How to Hear God

How do we hear from God? Chris uses the experience of the two followers on the road to Emmaus to examine the different ways God speaks to us, through revelation, scripture and the audible voice of Jesus. What have we missed because we’ve been distracted by the other noises of our lives?

Susan leads the rest of the service, with prayers for our Mission of the Month, Home Mission, and Mike leads our sung worship.

New Life, New Hope (Easter 2022)

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul paints rather a bleak picture of how our Christian lives would be utterly futile if Jesus stayed dead on Good Friday. For our Easter service this year Chris looks at Paul’s teachings and the irrefutable evidence that Jesus did raise from the dead that first Easter. This was not a trick, this was not something the disciples came up with just to save face. Jesus rose from the dead. He is alive!

Andy leads the rest of the service whilst Lynne, Pete (with a guest appearance from Ricky!) lead our Easter morning sung worship.

Palm Sunday 2022

An all-age service for Palm Sunday. This year Chris looks at what Jesus was doing immediately before his triumphal entry into Jerusalem and how the raising of Lazarus from the dead put pressure on the Pharisees to take action and directly led to the events of Jesus’ own death and resurrection.

James leads the rest of the service with contributions from Lyn and Esther and sung worship led by Pete and Nick.

Being an Evangelistic Fellowship

Our series on being a fellowship continues with us discovering how to be an evangelistic fellowship. Chris invites Karl Relton from Countess Free Church in Ely to speak on the evangelism initiatives both he has personally pursued and those that they have pursued as a church. He encourages us that it is not our job to convict people, we simply speak the truth. It is the Spirit’s job to inspire our words in other people.

Chris leads us through the rest of the service with a time of open prayer for our mission of the month, Home Mission, and Mike leads our sung worship.