Sermons on Psalms

Down But Not Out

We return to our series in Psalm 119 this week, and Chris looks at the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet “Daleth”. When faced with troubles, how can God help us rebuild our lives?
Karen leads the rest of the service and music this week was chosen by Mike.

We Need God’s Word!

This week we continue our journey through Psalm 119, with the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “gimel”. Chris looks at our need for God’s word and how we there is humility and strength in admitting our weeknesses.
Susan leads the rest of the service, with prayers and reflection for Mother’s Day. Mike has chosen this week’s worship music.

Take time to be Holy

This week we continue our look at Psalm 119 with the second stanza based around the Hebrew letter “beth”. Chris looks at how we should and can take time to be holy in our lives.
Lynne leads the rest of the service with contributions from Shona and Vanessa, whilst Pete chooses this week’s worship music.

Blessed and Blameless

This week Chris looks at the first stanza of Psalm 119, denoted by the Hebrew letter Aleph, and asks us what it means to be blessed and blameless. Can we really achieve this?
Karen leads the rest of the service, with music chosen this week by Mike.

Psalm 119 Life from A to Z

This week we begin a new series in Pslam 119, Life from A to Z. Chris starts the series by explaining the background to the Psalm and introduces some of the themes we will be exploring over the next few weeks.
Ant leads the rest of the service, with music this week chosen by Mike.

Science Sunday 2020

This week it’s our annual Science Sunday service. But a reminder: this service is for everybody, not just scientists! This year our speaker is Andy Boston, who has a background as a physicist.
Chris leads us through the rest of the service, bringing us information about our Mission of the Month for November, Tearfund.

Worship@Home Begins

This service is available in both video and audio format.

In a world that suddenly seems a lot different to the one that we’re used to, this week we have a very different kind of service. The outbreak of coronavirus and the drastic measures we have all now had to take to slow down it’s spread seem to have taken us all completely by surprise and underprepared. But were we?

In the first of what we’re all praying is a very short series of video services Chris looks at what God has been teaching us as a church over the past year and how we can use all that we have heard to help us deal with the new situations we find ourselves in. We also have prayers from Susan and reflective poetry read by Barry.

To help it feel more like a proper service, Lynne has put together a playlist of songs that you can listen to after the message and reflect on how God is prompting you to respond. Find the YouTube playlist in the paragraph below the video.

Light in the Old Testament

Light is a key metaphor in the New Testament but what did the writers understand it to mean when they used it? We immerse ourselves in the Old Testament to begin the process of understanding more deeply the power of what Jesus and the New Testament writers were saying and seeking to respond to God’s revelation.