Sermons on “Psalms”

22 March 2020

This service is available in both video and audio format.

In a world that suddenly seems a lot different to the one that we’re used to, this week we have a very different kind of service. The outbreak of coronavirus and the drastic measures we have all now had to take to slow down it’s spread seem to have taken us all completely by surprise and underprepared. But were we?

In the first of what we’re all praying is a very short series of video services Chris looks at what God has been teaching us as a church over the past year and how we can use all that we have heard to help us deal with the new situations we find ourselves in. We also have prayers from Susan and reflective poetry read by Barry.

To help it feel more like a proper service, Lynne has put together a playlist of songs that you can listen to after the message and reflect on how God is prompting you to respond. Find the YouTube playlist in the paragraph below the video.

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Science Sunday – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

In this Science Sunday service, Professor Alisdair Coles opens our eyes to some of the wonders of the human brain and looks at Psalm 139 in the light of current scientific knowledge.

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Justice: Unity Service 2019

In the Churches Together in Burwell Unity Service 2019 we join with worshippers from the other churches in Burwell to share one service together. The theme for this year’s service is Justice, and Chris shares something of what God’s justice looks like on Earth.

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Light in the Old Testament

Light is a key metaphor in the New Testament but what did the writers understand it to mean when they used it? We immerse ourselves in the Old Testament to begin the process of understanding more deeply the power of what Jesus and the New Testament writers were saying and seeking to respond to God’s revelation.

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Science Sunday (Part Three)

Scientist (and Christian!) Prof Mel Euerby joins us for a special service investigating the integration of science and faith. In this final of three parts Mel looks at Psalm 19 and the way that both God’s world (as described by science) and God’s word (as described by faith) cannot be seen fully without the other. 

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Prayer Life: David

Chris continues the series on prayer by looking at David’s prayer life. David’s extensive and varied prayer life causes us to examine our own and ask if we always prayer with our whole heart. If we don’t, then perhaps we don’t recognise our desperate need of God or that God is trustworthy.

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Thanksgiving for 2016

Chris invites us to look back upon the year that has just been with an attitude of thankfulness to God. As we look forward to the coming year he reminds us that whatever happens, good or bad, our thankfulness to God should be rooted in the knowledge that He is God; He is Good; and that we are His.

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A King Revealed

In the first of a two part mini-series, Chris asks the question, “Would your life be different if you saw Jesus enthroned over the nations?”

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Christians in Science

Chris Johnson is a Christian and a Scientist. In this talk he seeks to encourage scientists to examine the evidence for Christian faith and Christians to acknowledge science as a means of discovering more about God’s creation.

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