Sermons on “Communion”

19 July 2020

A recording of a live communion service from the morning of 19 July 2020.
Chris looks at a passage from Ephesians and leads us through Communion together. Lynne leads the rest of the service with contributions from Howard, Anne and the two Sarahs.

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21 June 2020

A recording of a live Zoom communion service. Susan leads the service, and Chris brings a reflection on a passage from Romans. Plus songs chosen by Pete and Susan. Unfortunatlely the video quality is not great, but hopefully you can see past that and still meet with God.

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17 May 2020

And now for something completely different. Spoiler alert: that won’t be the last time you hear that particular franchise referenced today.
On Sunday we attempted to hold a live virtual service via Zoom so that we were able to share communion together. This is a recording of that service. Due to the nature of Zoom recordings unfortunately the video quality is not fantastic, but we hope that you can still get a sense of God’s presence amongst us despite our separation.

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