Sermons on Isaiah

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Joy

This week is the final part of our series in Isaiah 61, with Chris looking at verse 7. We see the last exchanges that Isaiah is prophecying about: that through God’s Spirit our shame and disgrace will turn into an inheritance of joy. Thanks to Jesus’ unthinkable sacrifice on the cross we don’t need to bear any more shame for the sins we have comitted and can exchange those for joy in God, which is our strength.

Andy leads the rest of the service as we get an update from Trevor about our mission of the month Mercy Ships, whilst Lynne and Mike lead our sung worship.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Purpose

This week Chris continues our series in Isaiah 61, looking at verses 5 and 6 and asking one of the oldest questions in civilisation: what is our purpose? Thankfully the Bible has the answer, through the grace of Jesus our ultimate purpose is to be a priesthood for God. To teach and show His ways to others in the hope that they might also become part of the mighty and royal priesthood. How can we carry this out?

Ant leads the rest of our service for Remembrance Sunday as we join with the rest of the country to pause and remember those who have served and died for our peace and freedom. Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Rebuilding

It’s the first week of November which we usually reserve for our all age services. However, this week we’re trying something different: tying in our all age service with our ongoing series in Isaiah 61. Chris leads us through looking at verse 4 and thinks about all of the damaged and destroyed things that God can rebuild through His Spirit and through us ourselves.

Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship for this week.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Exchange

We continue our series in Isaiah 61 looking at the second part of verse 3 where Isaiah makes the astonishing promises that God can take the situations in our lives where we are in mourning or dispair and turn them around to give us beauty, joy and praise. Chris challenges us to bring our pain and grief to God and allow him to transform our lives. Stephanie also brings us her testimony of how God has worked this verse through her life over the last few years.

Susan leads the rest of the service and Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Comfort

We continue our new series in Isaiah 61 with Chris this time focussing on verses 2 and 3. Isaiah is very clear in his writing that alongside the year of the Lord’s favour also comes the day of his vengeance and judgement. There will be tough times for everyone and in the end we need to make sure that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Thankfully through Jesus there is an easy route to have our names in the Book – keep our faith in him! Isaiah also prophecies that the spirit of the Lord can bring comfort to those who mourn and grieve. Sometimes we are not even aware of our need to grieve until it is pointed out to us, but come to God and he will give you comfort and rest.

Andy leads the rest of the service with prayers for the ongoing situation in the Middle East, whilst Lynne and Dave lead our sung worship.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Brings Good News

Today we begin our new series looking at Isaiah 61. Isaiah prophecies to Israel in verse 1 that one will come who can say: “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me” and Chris uses that as the overarching title of the new series. This week he looks in depth at the promises made in verse 1 that the Spirit will allow the promised servant to proclaim good news, bind the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives and release prisoners from their darkness. Jesus is the ultimate fulfilment of this prophecy, and he delegates his power to us so that we also may be able to fulfil the prophecy. What a gift!

Karen leads the rest of the service as we share communion together and pray for the various situations around the world that badly need God’s intervention. Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Beauty for Ashes

Stephanie spoke on Isaiah 61, highlighting God’s ‘big plan’ to bring healing and restoration to mankind through Jesus Christ. Using personal testimony, Stephanie reflected on God’s offer of ‘beauty for ashes’ (v3), and shared how God used that promise to bring His healing into the deep seated heartache and loss she had experienced against her family.

Zoom Communion 10

This week we held our monthly live communion service over Zoom. Joining us was EBA regional minister, Beth Powney, who spoke on Isaiah 55 and brought to us her thoughts about the sovereignty of God and remembering to trust in Him even when we’re not sure what the outcome will be.
Lynne leads the rest of the service, with prayers from Pete and Sue brings parts of her response to Chris’s Psalm 119 challenge from a few weeks ago.


Happy New Year! As we enter 2021, Kath looks at an overview of our Advent series on the Prophets of Advent and asks whether we are prepared to do in 2021 what God asks of us, even if it means stepping far outside our comfort zones.Andy leads the rest of the service, giving an explanation of the Christian background to one of the most well-known secular Christmas songs and Pete chooses the music for the worship time.

Prophets of Advent – Isaiah

Believe it or not, Advent is upon us once again. As we enter that familiar time of year in somewhat unfamiliar circumstances, this year our Advent series focusses on some of the Old Testament prophets that prophecied about and predicted Jesus’ life. This week Chris looks at Isaiah.
Susan leads the rest of the service, looking at the symbolism of hope in the first Advent candle and Lynne chooses the music for the worship time.