Sermons by Kath Robinson


Love is one of those words that we hear a lot and which sometimes seems to lose its meaning. But in the Bible, love is given a status far higher than anything else except God Himself. As Chris is away Kath examines what love means to God and how we can all share in that love and be ambassadors of that love to those around us.

Andy leads the rest of the service with a reflection on the Queen’s funeral and Pete leads our sung worship.


Happy New Year! As we enter 2021, Kath looks at an overview of our Advent series on the Prophets of Advent and asks whether we are prepared to do in 2021 what God asks of us, even if it means stepping far outside our comfort zones.Andy leads the rest of the service, giving an explanation of the Christian background to one of the most well-known secular Christmas songs and Pete chooses the music for the worship time.

The Glory of the Cross

Kath Robinson continues the series, reminding us that we can’t begin to earn our salvation – all we can do is boast about The Cross. Once, the cross was considered disgraceful, but Paul turns it around into his boast about God’s love for us and our salvation. If we boast in the glory of The Cross, then we can boast in nothing else. When we boast in The Cross it changes everything for us – our values and our identity. When we humble ourselves and recognise our inadequacies before God then Christ becomes our strength. This is the glory of The Cross of which we boast.