Sermons on Luke


As Christians we are called to repentance. In today’s climate it’s easy to think that this just means confession of what we’ve done wrong, but Chris explains that confession is only one of several steps towards the true repentance that God is looking for. How can we be truly repentant?

Shona leads the rest of the service with sung worship this week led by Mike.

How to Hear God

How do we hear from God? Chris uses the experience of the two followers on the road to Emmaus to examine the different ways God speaks to us, through revelation, scripture and the audible voice of Jesus. What have we missed because we’ve been distracted by the other noises of our lives?

Susan leads the rest of the service, with prayers for our Mission of the Month, Home Mission, and Mike leads our sung worship.

Building a Worshipping Fellowship

Chris continues our new series looking at the church’s mission statement with the second statement: building a worshipping fellowship. Just how can our worship inform our day-to-day lives and not just for a couple of hours on a Sunday? How can we move from singing the songs and praying the prayers to actually living out those words?
James leads the rest of the service with Pete leading our sung worship this week.

The Harvest is Plentiful But the Workers Are Few

As Chris is away this week, our visiting speaker is Roger Standing, former principal of Spurgeon’s College in London (and son-in-law of one of our members!). Roger speaks on the sending of the 72 from Luke’s gospel, encouraging us at the start of a new year that we should go forward in faith, even though we might not know what is ahead, and that although the work of a Christian will not be easy it will be eternally rewarding.
Ant leads us through the rest of the service with some surprising insight into surnames, whilst Mike leads the sung worship.

What’s In Your Hand?

As Chris is away this week Susan brings us back to a question that we first asked ourselves in 2019, what is in your hand? That question has taken on far more meaning than we ever thought it could have done over the last year and a half, and because of that Susan asks us to reconsider our answer. After this pandemic is over, what have we got to offer God and our community?
Ant leads the rest of the service as he interviews Emily about her work as a nurse in the NHS and Mike leads our worship this week.

Catching the Wave: Education

We continue the Catching the Wave series as this week Chris looks at education, how many educational establishments were set up by Christians and using Christian principles and how we can support those that work in education now.
James leads the rest of the service as he interviews somebody he should know very well, and Kath brings this week’s reading.

Catching the Wave: God the Father

This week Chris begins our new series based upon materials produced by Christian charity There Is Hope, “Catching the Wave”. The first week focusses in on God as our Father, who welcomes us home no matter how or when we think we’ve disappointed him.

Lynne leads the rest of the service where we have an interview with the Hurley family.

Easter 2021

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, hallelujah! Once again we are facing Easter under lockdown and are unable to meet in person to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But we can still celebrate together. This year Chris looks at the period of time between Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection through the eyes of those that witnessed it first hand and asks whether we are living in despair or living in hope for things to come.
Andy leads the rest of the service with Easter worship chosen by Pete.

Prophets of Advent – Gabriel

Chris concludes our Advent series looking at the Prophets of Advent by looking at the message that Gabriel gives to Mary.
James leads the rest of the service, introducing carols and bringing us an update on our Mission of the Month, BMS World Mission. Sally brings our prayers and Freya does the reading. Pete has chosen the songs for our worship time at the end of the service.