Sermons on Missions

The Doxa Project

This week we celebrate Harvest with a visit from one of the missions we support as a church: the Doxa Project. Ray Balmer gives us an overview of the organisation from it’s beginnings right through to the present day and speaks on the work that they support in Kenya.

Ant leads the rest of the service (he’s been to Kenya, don’t you know!) thinking about how we can be thankful to God for all of His provision.

Mercy Ships (Harvest 2021)

For our 2021 Harvest service Neil Harris from Mercy Ships brings us a look at what the organisation does, how it helps the less priveged people in the world and what we can do to support their work.
Andy leads the rest of the service with a reminder about why we celebrate Harvest and Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Asia Link

This week we have a slightly different service for you. Jim Gourlay brings us an update from Asia Link, talking about the work of the charity particularly in the last year and how things have had to change because of the global pandemic.

James leads the rest of the service with prayers and a short reflection, and Lynne has chosen the music this week.