Sermons on Genesis

The Doxa Project

This week we celebrate Harvest with a visit from one of the missions we support as a church: the Doxa Project. Ray Balmer gives us an overview of the organisation from it’s beginnings right through to the present day and speaks on the work that they support in Kenya.

Ant leads the rest of the service (he’s been to Kenya, don’t you know!) thinking about how we can be thankful to God for all of His provision.

Wherever We Are

Chris and Shona lead the next service in our All-Age series Frontline Sundays. This time they look at where we spend our time during the week and how we can shine God’s light wherever we are.
Mike leads the sung worship.

God and Coincidence

When Abraham’s servant was sent to find a wife for Isaac he had no idea what amazing things were about to happen. Coincidences are everywhere in our lives, but how often do we stop and think what God might have to do with them? And once we recognise God’s work how often are those events not actually coincidences at all?

Where Are You?

Over the summer we have planned a series around five questions God asked. Questions which God asks each of us today. You may have lots of questions for God but it may be a surprise to hear the questions which God asks. Here is the first question: Where are you?