Sermons on “Faith”


What does it mean to say we are created in God’s image and likeness?  What can we learn about God and ourselves through this revelation?  How should we respond?

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Easter: Fake News or Good News?

How do we know the truth about a report we hear? Whether it is on the TV, in the papers or on social media? In the rush to get the scoop, lies and half-truths mascaraed as news. Some people see the resurrection of Jesus like that. Fake news, concocted because people need something to believe. Even some Christians think that we are asked to believe entirely on the basis of blind faith rather than evidence. This is not the case. Chris offers three types of evidence: Historical, Psychological and Experiential.

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Fruitfulness on the Frontline: Ministering Grace and Love

Our growth in faith, love and hope are inextricably linked with the message we believe. You can’t believe the message that God did all that for you and not be changed by it. You can choose not to really believe it or you can be transformed. Those are the only options. To the extent you put our belief in the gospel into action you will grow in faith, love and hope.

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