Sermons by Shona Wick

More & More Faith

Shona leads June’s All Age Service, carrying on our theme of More & More and this month thinking about more and more faith. What different things can we do to help us grow in our faith in God? Susan, James and Chris all give examples from their lives of times when their faith has grown. We also have an introduction to the mission of the month, GenR8, from Lynn Hawkins.

Pete and Nick lead our sung worship with assistance from Ricky.

More and More Love

God’s love is big. Really big. Really, really, really big. It’s not anything we could possibly measure. Shona leads our all age service for March, looking at the “cycle of God’s love”:

1) God loves us

2) We have to share that love with others

3) Leads to praise and worship

Pete leads our sung worship this week.

All Age Service: Preparing for Christmas

As we enter Advent for another year, Shona kicks us off by leading us in our all-age service for December. In the service we look at three things we can do to prepare ourselves for Christmas: we can 1) Wait in, 2) hope and 3) praise.

Chris leads us in our prayers this week whilst Mike and Ricky lead our sung worship.

All-Age Service: Prayer

Shona leads our all-age service for August looking at the subject of prayer. Who, how, when and where do we pray? Chris also shares a reflection based around the Lord’s prayer whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.


Shona leads our all-age service for June, looking at the story of Zacchaeus. How did one encounter with Jesus turn a selfish, self-serving, bullying and greedy tax collector’s life around so that he eventually gave half of his money to the poor?

Pete and Nick lead our sung worship this week.

Mercy and Grace

Shona leads our All-Age Service for this month, and looks at the amazing and extravagant grace and mercy of God. Through mercy and grace God saves us from what we do deserve and lavishes us with gifts that we absolutely do not!

There is also a time of sharing at the end of the service while Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Advent in 4D: Mark

For December’s All-Age service we continue with our theme of looking at how the four different gospel writers introduce Jesus. This week Shona looks at Mark, the tabloid journalist. There’s no messing around with Mark, he skips over Jesus’ birth entirely and jumps straight to John the Baptist and Jesus’ own baptism. John speaks about Jesus using the prophecies of Isaiah, written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth. What signposts do we see in our lives?

Nick leads our sung worship.

Pentecost 2022: Thank You, Sorry, Please

In the midst of the Platinum Jubilee weekend we take a short break from our current series and celebrate not only the historic event of Queen Elizabeth II reigning for 70 years but also the even more historic event of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the birthday of the Church. Shona leads us through an all-age service, speaking on where the Holy Spirit is and how we can recognise his work. Chris leads us in our prayers for our nation, prompting us to thank God, say sorry to Him and ask Him for His help in our country and in ourselves.

Pete leads our sung worship this week.