Sermons on “Acts”


This Sunday we joined with the other churches of Burwell for our annual Unity Service. Methodist minister Rev. Colin Watkins speaks about Paul and Luke’s shipwreck on Malta and how different denominations can work together in unity to further God’s Kingdom.

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Resurrection 5: The Ascension

Jesus appeared to the disciples over 40 days with many convincing proofs. Chris examines what Jesus did during that time, the significance of the ascension and challenges us to respond in the light of Jesus priorities.

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It’s over to us now…

Jonathan preaches on Acts 1 vs 6-11.

God is working His purposes out through us and we are to be God’s witnesses throughout the world. It’s something we can’t do in our own strength, but we have the gift of the Holy Spirit in us to help us in this task.

Whilst the disciples were the starting 11 for this on-going mission, we are the current team.

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Polar Explorers

Polar Explorers Holiday Club service

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Prayer Life: The Church

As we celebrate Pentecost Chris explores the connection between prayer and the Holy Spirit in the early church. As we pray God’s Spirit will inspire us to pray more then as we are filled with the Spirit we will grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding on how to pray and be inspired to pray more powerfully. The best place to start is right where you are!

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I love my Church

Stuart Wood looks at what The Church should be and asks if it is recognised as a place of Love, Faithulness and Grace within the community.

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