Sermons by Andrew Webb

Assembling the Puzzle

As we prepare for the end of Chris’ sabbatical period and his return next week, this Sunday we took the opportunity to look back on our experiences of this time. What has God been saying to us through the guest speakers and the messages they have brought? Andy Webb leads us on a meandering path through the overarching themes and threads brought to us over the last 12 weeks and asks: what next? How do we move forward?

We also have a time for sharing what other members of the congregation have learned, whilst Susan leads a reflection looking at the Israelites taking the memorial stones from the middle of the Jordan river as they finally crossed into the promised land. Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Waiting on God

God often calls on us to wait before He acts in our lives. As Chris is away this week, Andy asks the question: why? And how can God help us when we’re feeling frustrated with waiting?

Karen leads the rest of the service, whilst Mike leads our sung worship.

As Small As a Mustard Seed

Andy Webb brings this week’s message as Chris is away, and speaks on Jesus’ teaching that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. What does it mean to have that kind of faith, and how do we nurture and maintain it to do the miraculous things that we have been promised?
Ant leads the rest of the service whilst Pete leads our sung worship.

God and Coincidence

When Abraham’s servant was sent to find a wife for Isaac he had no idea what amazing things were about to happen. Coincidences are everywhere in our lives, but how often do we stop and think what God might have to do with them? And once we recognise God’s work how often are those events not actually coincidences at all?

Our Spiritual Warfare

In the final part of the Life in the Spirt series, Andrew Webb looks at Paul’s description of spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6 and explains who this battle is being fought between and what God has given us to defend ourselves against attack.