Sermons on Ephesians

The Prayer of the New Testament

Our Mission of the Month for May is Africa Inland Mission (AIM), a cause that is close to our hearts as a church (and a number of our members in particular). Phil Gibson, a representative of AIM joins us this week to speak about his connection to the ministry of AIM. Phil also speaks on Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving to the Ephesian church and looks at how the power of Christ lifts us from our normal lives and gives us a throne in heaven. All we need to do is believe. Strap yourselves in because this talk is a good one!

Susan leads the rest of the service whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Spiritual Warfare: Our Weapons

Our series in spiritual warfare continues with Chris this week looking at the way we can protect ourselves and the weapons we have to fight back. Paul gives us the sermon-writer’s perfect illustration in Ephesians, illustrating the armour of God which Chris distills into three main weapons: prayer, worship and scripture.

James leads the rest of the service speaking about Mother’s Day and leading prayers whilst Mike leads our sung worship.

Catching the Wave: The Church

As Christians we are called not to be lone operators but form communities of people, what we now call “church”. Chris concludes our Catching the Wave series by speaking on our contribution to the church and how we can pray for revival in our nation and around the world.
Karen leads the rest of the service with music from Pete and Lynne.

Our Spiritual Warfare

In the final part of the Life in the Spirt series, Andrew Webb looks at Paul’s description of spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6 and explains who this battle is being fought between and what God has given us to defend ourselves against attack.

Be Filled with The Spirit – Part 1

Holiness, love and forgiveness are characteristics of the people the Spirit gathers. These are not arbitary religious practices but reflect the relationship within the Trinity and from God towards each of us. We are called to imitate God in expressing these atributes. In this passage Paul highlights the role of sung worship in helping us to speak the truth to each other and express our love for God. The environment of mutual submission which grows in regularly worshipping together is the next step in building a dwelling place for God.