Sermons on 1 Peter


Part of human nature is the desire to be accepted, whether that is by our family, friends, colleagues, even by society at large. But what do we put ourselves through to try and attain that acceptance? Chris reminds us that whether we are accepted or rejected by the world doesn’t matter, it’s whether we are…

What is Church? The Nation of God

We begin a new series this week, looking at What is Church? James Webb leads us through the first in our studies, focussing on our role as a Holy Priesthood.
Shona leads the rest of the service, with contributions from Alan and Megan Barker, our link missionaries in Nepal, whilst Barry leads prayers and Trevor brings us the reading.

Zoom Communion 1 Peter

And now for something completely different. Spoiler alert: that won’t be the last time you hear that particular franchise referenced today.
On Sunday we attempted to hold a live virtual service via Zoom so that we were able to share communion together. This is a recording of that service. Due to the nature of Zoom recordings unfortunately the video quality is not fantastic, but we hope that you can still get a sense of God’s presence amongst us despite our separation.

God’s Dwelling Place: In Us

We are the next decisive and shocking step in God’s dwelling place plan.  All the fullness of God dwelt in Jesus and through His finished work that Fullness comes to dwell those who accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  We are being built into a temple of the Spirit – individually and corporately.  We can therefore seek God’s manifest presence in our gatherings and in our hearts.