Sermons on Matthew

Science Sunday 2023: Ornitheology

This week we held our annual Science Sunday service for 2023. This is a service whereby we aim to demonstrate that science and Christianity are not as incompatible as some would have us believe. This year, we invite back Prof Mel Euerby who speaks about his passion for birds and photography, drawing links between the amazing diversity of bird life on Earth and showing how that demonstrates God’s love through the natural world.

Chris leads the rest of the service with prayers for scientists and Pete leads our sung worship.

Following Jesus

Peter Wells makes the perilous journey of 6 miles from Lode to Burwell to bring us our message this week. He speak on the calling of the first disciples and how Jesus bucked the trend of the Jewish Rabbis of the time by selecting his own disciples and calling those that nobody would have guessed. Alone they were just ordinary fishermen and tax collectors, yet because of Jesus’ calling they started a long chain of testimony that reaches through history right to us today. How can we carry on propogating the message?

Andy leads the rest of the service whilst Mike leads our sung worship.

Palm Sunday 2023

For our All Age Palm Sunday service Chris leads us in several reflections based around the events of the 8 days of Holy Week. From the Triumphal Entry to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection the following weekend how do we respond to his amazing sacrifice?

Mike leads our sung worship this week.

Spiritual Warfare: Unity

This week was our annual covenant service where as a church we renew our covenant both with God and with each other. Chris looks at this declaration of unity in the light of our current series on spiritual warfare. By standing united with one another as a church we deny the enemy the foothold that he is looking for to exploit our weaknesses.

Susan leads the rest of the service as we also commision our leaders for the year ahead, whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical Foundation

This week we begin a new series looking at spiritual warfare, and to start us off Chris looks at the Biblical basis for our beliefs surrounding the subject. He examines how the earthly and spiritual realms are interconnected, what happens in one has effects in the other, and looks at the power of prayer to influence those battles that we cannot see.

James leads the rest of the service with prayers for our Mission of the Month (Asia Link) and Nick leads our sung worship.

Year Text in Context 2023

A few weeks ago we revealed our year text for 2023: let your light shine (Matt. 5:16). This week Chris looks at the verse in it’s original context, towards the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount. We find the verse nestled between the Beatitudes and Jesus’ teaching that whoever obeys the commands of God will find themselves called great in the kingdom of Heaven. What does that therefore mean for our year text?

Karen leads the rest of the service with our sung worship led by Pete and Nick.

Vision Service 2023

This week we held our Vision Service for 2023. The vision service is a chance for us as a church to reflect on what God has done in the previous year and look forward to His provision in the year to come. It also gives us the opportunity to revel our year text for 2023, taken from Matthew 5:16. Let your light shine!

Andy leads the service, with the message given by Chris and sung worship led by Mike.

Advent in 4D: Matthew

As we enter the season of Advent, looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas, this year we are looking at how each Gospel writer records that event. Chris begins by looking at Matthew, the teacher, who opens his book with a recording of the genealogy of Jesus showing that Jesus came both from the line of kings but also a group of ordinary people who didn’t know their part in the great events to come. Yet through that line, God kept his promise. How do we see God keeping his promises today?

Andy leads the rest of the service with a game that is a twist on an old TV show, whilst Mike and Lynne lead our sung worship. We also share Communion together.


Jesus says that he is the light of the world. But he also says more than that, he says that if we follow him and accept him that we can be lights to the world as well. On our church “away but staying at home” day, Chris Duffett looks at how we can shine brighter for God as a church and as individuals. Chris is a Baptist minister, evangelist, artist and teacher whose heart is in bringing more and more people to God. He encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and shine as brightly as we can for God.

Chris (our Chris, not Chris Duffett!) leads the rest of the service with prayers, particularly for Cooking Together @ Home, and Pete leads our sung worship.