Sermons on Vision

Vision Service 2024

As we continue into 2024 we take some time this week to look back on what God has done through the church over the last year. Chris leads us through some of the ways that we’ve been led as a church and looks forward to what is going to happen in the coming year. We also reveal our year text and Chris speaks briefly about the meaning and decision behind the verse being chosen. But more on that in a couple of weeks!

Susan leads the rest of the service with a reflection on the Psalms whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Vision Service 2023

This week we held our Vision Service for 2023. The vision service is a chance for us as a church to reflect on what God has done in the previous year and look forward to His provision in the year to come. It also gives us the opportunity to revel our year text for 2023, taken from Matthew 5:16. Let your light shine!

Andy leads the service, with the message given by Chris and sung worship led by Mike.

Vision Service 2022

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18
This week was our vision service for 2022. Chris spends some time reflecting on what God has done through the church in the last year, giving thanks for His provision, as well as introducing us to our year text for 2022 and looking forward to the continuing work in the coming year.
Susan leads the rest of the service, as members of the congregation bring their revelations from God for the new year. Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Year Text 2021

This week we have our Vision Service for 2021. This is traditionally a service where our year text is revealed to the congregation via another wonderful banner that Kath has designed, but this year you will have to use your imaginations. In this year’s service Chris expands on our year text for 2021 and looks forward to how God will use us as a church through the new year.
Karen leads the rest of the service, bringing us an update from CSW, our Mission of the Month for January. Mike chooses the music.

What do you see?

Over the summer we have planned a series around five questions God asked. Questions which God asks each of us today. You may have lots of questions for God but it may be a surprise to hear the questions which God asks. Here is the third question: What do you see?