Sermons on “Galatians”

The Glory of the Cross

Kath Robinson continues the series, reminding us that we can’t begin to earn our salvation – all we can do is boast about The Cross. Once, the cross was considered disgraceful, but Paul turns it around into his boast about God’s love for us and our salvation. If we boast in the glory of The Cross, then we can boast in nothing else. When we boast in The Cross it changes everything for us – our values and our identity. When we humble ourselves and recognise our inadequacies before God then Christ becomes our strength. This is the glory of The Cross of which we boast.

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Year Text in Context

What do you hope to reap? What then will you sow? Chris explores the meaning of our year text in the light of Paul’s teaching from Galatians 6:7 to 10.

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Vision 2018

An All Age service exploring God’s promises and our hopes and dreams for 2018.

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