Sermons on Romans


This week Chris starts a new series. Using Paul’s letter to the Romans we aim to answer the question: what did the cross achieve? This week focussing on salvation.
Susan leads the rest of the service whilst Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Catching the Wave: Politics

We continue our series on Catching the Wave with what has turned out to be extremely topical subject given recent events. Chris speaks on the history of politics and Christianity and reminds us of the commandment to pray for our leaders – even if (perhaps, especially if!) we disagree with what they’re doing.
Ant leads the rest of the service whilst Lynne picks the songs for the worship time.

Zoom Communion Romans

A recording of a live Zoom communion service. Susan leads the service, and Chris brings a reflection on a passage from Romans. Plus songs chosen by Pete and Susan. Unfortunatlely the video quality is not great, but hopefully you can see past that and still meet with God.

Creation’s Completion

History has a direction and a purpose.  Knowing the destination helps the believer to wait eagerly and patiently for their hope to be fulfilled.  God’s wonderful plan is to bring all of creation including us to fulfil our intended purpose.  This means that our lives now have meaning, purpose and direction too.

What are the Motivational Gifts?

God has made every one of us unique yet we are more like some people and less like others. Using a biblical approach Chris applies Paul’s teaching in Romans 12 to help us to think of ourselves with sober judgment in accordance with the faith God has given us. He then goes on to encourage us to exercise our gifts according to the grace given to each of us.