Sermons on Hebrews

Together We Grow

Happy New Year! As we begin a new year, we conclude our latest All Age series on Frontline Sundays, this month looking at how Together We Grow. God did not intend for Christians to walk the journey alone, we are called to be members of a community: the church. Chris explores how being part of the church helps us hold on to hope, spur one another on and encourages us to keep meeting.
Shona leads the rest of the service whilst Pete leads our sung worship.

Worship@Home Begins

This service is available in both video and audio format.

In a world that suddenly seems a lot different to the one that we’re used to, this week we have a very different kind of service. The outbreak of coronavirus and the drastic measures we have all now had to take to slow down it’s spread seem to have taken us all completely by surprise and underprepared. But were we?

In the first of what we’re all praying is a very short series of video services Chris looks at what God has been teaching us as a church over the past year and how we can use all that we have heard to help us deal with the new situations we find ourselves in. We also have prayers from Susan and reflective poetry read by Barry.

To help it feel more like a proper service, Lynne has put together a playlist of songs that you can listen to after the message and reflect on how God is prompting you to respond. Find the YouTube playlist in the paragraph below the video.

Who is God?

How do we know what God is really like? Chris highlights three ways to discover who God is: Creation, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are invited to move forward in faith based on the evidence of these revelations of God’s character and His promises.