Sermons on Philippians


In the light (pun intended) of our year text for 2023, “let your light shine”, Chris looks at Paul’s teaching to the church in Phillipi to do everything without grumbling or arguing so that our light might shine. Grumbling leads to discontent, which in turn leads to the bowl being placed over our light, both personally and as a church. How can we keep ourselves from grumbling?

Susan leads the rest of the service as Pete brings us an update from our Mission of the Month, CSW, and leads our sung worship alongside Nick.


Jesus says that he is the light of the world. But he also says more than that, he says that if we follow him and accept him that we can be lights to the world as well. On our church “away but staying at home” day, Chris Duffett looks at how we can shine brighter for God as a church and as individuals. Chris is a Baptist minister, evangelist, artist and teacher whose heart is in bringing more and more people to God. He encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and shine as brightly as we can for God.

Chris (our Chris, not Chris Duffett!) leads the rest of the service with prayers, particularly for Cooking Together @ Home, and Pete leads our sung worship.


This Sunday we live in a world irreversibly changed from the one we are used to. Queen Elizabeth II was a woman of exceedingly strong faith and who was fully aware of her significance and responsibility to God and to the people she served. But what about us? Chris looks at where our significance lies and reminds us that whilst we may seem insignificant God views us completely differently.

Karen leads the rest of the service with reflections and prayers for the new King and the Royal Family whilst Pete leads our sung worship.

Catching the Wave: The Media

We continue our series on the Catching the Wave materials by this week looking at the media. Chris expands upon the media that the disciples of Jesus would have had access to and links it through the centuries to the media that we have access to in the 21st century.
Andy leads the rest of the service, with prayers for the media and an illustration based upon one of his favourite TV programmes…

Science Sunday 2018 – Divine Windows (AM)

2018-19 Baptist Union President (and scientist!) Dave Gregory visits Burwell on our annual Science Sunday as part of his Divine Windows initiative to bring science and faith into a closer relationship. In the morning session Dave explains something of his role as Baptist Union President and looks at how we can see something of the wonder of God through one of his greatest passions: astronomy.