Sermons on Thankfulness

More and More Thankfulness

This week in February’s all age service Chris introduces the theme for our all age services for the next few months: “More and More”. The universe is big. Really big. Really, really, really big and it’s getting bigger all the time, there’s more and more universe every day. Just like the universe, its creator, God, is awe inspiring. What we need to do is give more and more thanksgiving to him!

Mike and Lynne lead us in our sung worship this week.


Karen leads us in our final service for 2023 as we look back on the year and give thanks to God for His provisions to us. Several of the congregation share what they have to be thankful for and share their prayers for the coming year.

Pete leads us in our sung worship with many of the songs also chosen by members of the congregation.

Thanksgiving for 2016

Chris invites us to look back upon the year that has just been with an attitude of thankfulness to God. As we look forward to the coming year he reminds us that whatever happens, good or bad, our thankfulness to God should be rooted in the knowledge that He is God; He is Good; and that we are His.