Sermons on Exodus

God’s Plans

Tim Bright joins us this week and speaks on the plans that God has for us, both as individuals and as a church. Using the crossing of the Red Sea as an example, Tim looks at how often the direction we’re going doesn’t seem to be the right way, but by following God he works it all out in the end for our good.

Karen leads the rest of the service with an update on GenR8, our mission of the month for June, and Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical Foundation

This week we begin a new series looking at spiritual warfare, and to start us off Chris looks at the Biblical basis for our beliefs surrounding the subject. He examines how the earthly and spiritual realms are interconnected, what happens in one has effects in the other, and looks at the power of prayer to influence those battles that we cannot see.

James leads the rest of the service with prayers for our Mission of the Month (Asia Link) and Nick leads our sung worship.

What is in Your Hand?

Over the summer we have planned a series around five questions God asked. Questions which God asks each of us today. You may have lots of questions for God but it may be a surprise to hear the questions which God asks. Here is the second question: What is in your hand?

Prayer life: Moses

The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. Jesus taught them how to pray and how not to pray. Prayer then is something that can and must be learnt. In this series Chris examines the prayer lives of some of the most effective prayers in Scripture and asks what we can learn. The series begins with Moses from whom we learn how to ensure the work we do for the LORD lasts.