Sermons on Easter

A New Beginning, Easter 2024

Christ is Risen! We celebrate Easter this year with Chris challenging us to have a new beginning. Every person has a choice: shall we conform to the world or shall we follow Jesus? We are (strongly!) encouraged to choose Jesus and choose life!

Susan leads the rest of the service whilst Lynne, Pete and Dave lead our sung worship.

Hope is Here

Where does your hope come from? This Resurrection Sunday Chris looks at Jesus’ mission, which was fulfilled through the cross to seek and save the lost. Can Jesus reignite your hope through his sacrifice today?

Susan leads the rest of the service as we also celebrate George and Maureen’s diamond wedding anniversary whilst Pete leads our sung worship.

New Life, New Hope (Easter 2022)

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul paints rather a bleak picture of how our Christian lives would be utterly futile if Jesus stayed dead on Good Friday. For our Easter service this year Chris looks at Paul’s teachings and the irrefutable evidence that Jesus did raise from the dead that first Easter. This was not a trick, this was not something the disciples came up with just to save face. Jesus rose from the dead. He is alive!

Andy leads the rest of the service whilst Lynne, Pete (with a guest appearance from Ricky!) lead our Easter morning sung worship.

Easter 2021

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, hallelujah! Once again we are facing Easter under lockdown and are unable to meet in person to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But we can still celebrate together. This year Chris looks at the period of time between Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection through the eyes of those that witnessed it first hand and asks whether we are living in despair or living in hope for things to come.
Andy leads the rest of the service with Easter worship chosen by Pete.

Amazing Love Easter 2020

This service is available in both video and audio format.
He is risen indeed!
Karen leads our Easter service for 2020. Chris follows up on last week by looking at how the resurrection story was reported in John’s gospel, Maureen gives us an update on how her family is coping with the coronavirus outbreak, plus prayers from Paul and a reading from Pete.

Another Pete (Roberts, not Robinson) has chosen this week’s music and the playlist can be found in the paragraph below the video.