Being a Fellowship

How Will Jesus Build His Church?

In the final part of our two most recent series, building and being a fellowship, Chris ties together the threads and explores how Jesus will build His church. We look at how the statements are intrinsically linked together – how you cannot be a loving, worshipping, learning, evangelistic or spirit-filled fellowship without Jesus’ guidance and how leaving just one of those out causes the rest to fall. You cannot have one without all the others!

Susan leads the rest of the service with a time for the sharing of testimonies and sung worship led by Pete.

Being a Spirit Filled Fellowship Part 3: How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?

We continue our series on being a spirit filled fellowship with Chris this week asking the question of how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Well, there’s a simple answer for that: ask! And keep on asking. But how do we overcome some of the barriers that keep us from asking?

After the message we had a period of time to allow us to ask God for His Holy Spirit to fill us and exercise spiritual gifts. Mike and Lynne lead our sung worship.

Being a Spirit Filled Fellowship Part One: Who is the Holy Spirit?

In the lead-up to Pentecost in a couple of weeks, we re-visit our series on Being a Fellowship with the first of four services on Being a Spirit Filled Fellowship. This week, Chris looks at the basics: who is the Holy Spirit and how can he be a mediator between us and God?

Andy leads the rest of the service as welcome Anne into membership, share communion with each other and sing togther with music led by Pete.

Being an Evangelistic Fellowship

Our series on being a fellowship continues with us discovering how to be an evangelistic fellowship. Chris invites Karl Relton from Countess Free Church in Ely to speak on the evangelism initiatives both he has personally pursued and those that they have pursued as a church. He encourages us that it is not our job to convict people, we simply speak the truth. It is the Spirit’s job to inspire our words in other people.

Chris leads us through the rest of the service with a time of open prayer for our mission of the month, Home Mission, and Mike leads our sung worship.

Being a Learning Fellowship

We continue our series on being a fellowship by this week looking at being a learning fellowship. Instead of our normal sermon we broke into three mini study groups to have a discussion with each other around 1 John 3 and what we each take from it. The groups then fed back to the whole congregation. For those watching online, Chris has provided a video for you to follow whilst we were discussing in the building.

Andy leads the rest of the service with prayers for Mother’s Day and Lynne and Mike lead our sung worship.

Being a Loving Fellowship

We continue our new series on Being a Fellowship. This week Chris invites Sally Sagoe, minister at King’s Street Baptist Church in Thetford, to share how they have incorporated being a loving fellowship into their daily lives as a church. Sally speaks about the initiatives they have begun to explore and particularly how they have partnered with the Kintsugi Hope mission.

James leads the rest of the service, with a video from BMS regarding the ongoing humanitarian situation in Ukraine and Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

Being a Worshipping Fellowship

This week we begin a new and slightly different series. We’ve learned over the past few weeks about building a loving, worshipping, learning, evangelistic and spirit-filled fellowship but how do we maintain it in the long term? In the first service, Lynne and Chris lead us through how we can be a worshipping fellowship. We learn that being a worshipping fellowship is about bringing our whole being, our whole life and every single one of our emotions and thoughts to God, not just the ones we pick and choose for Him to see.

Lynne also leads our sung worship alongside Mike and Nick.