Sermons from February 2020

Esther 8

Mordecai and Esther had different roles to play but were united in their goal. Similarly we are many but one body and we each have a part to play. In the light of this we should stand firm, putting on the full armour of God.
Susan reminds us of how God defeats the enemy in the places of despair and loss of hope; challenges us to identify those areas of our lives where despair and resignation have set in; and encourages us with the good news that the Lord, who is our shepherd, longs to shepherd our souls through every disappointment in life and to bring restoration. He restores our souls.

Esther 7

In Esther chapter 7 we see God continuing to work through seeming coincidence to bring a divine reversal.  God bring this about through Esther as she recognises her royal position may have been given to her for a reason.  Chris sees the links with Holy Week and applies the a new testament perspective as we recognise that we were born for such a time as this.