Sermons from 2018


Knowing who we are waiting for makes all the difference to how we wait. Chris unpacks the meaning of the parousia and the revealing of Christ showing how they relate to Jesus promise to return and His promise to be with us always.

The Last Days

At Advent we often focus on the birth of Jesus at Christmas but it is also a time to think about the ways in which His birth changed the world forever and opened a whole new way to relate to our Father in Heaven. We are called to live differently because we live in the last days. Chris highlights some of the key differences revealed in scripture.

Science Sunday 2018 – Divine Windows (AM)

2018-19 Baptist Union President (and scientist!) Dave Gregory visits Burwell on our annual Science Sunday as part of his Divine Windows initiative to bring science and faith into a closer relationship. In the morning session Dave explains something of his role as Baptist Union President and looks at how we can see something of the wonder of God through one of his greatest passions: astronomy.

Mark 5

The power of Jesus, faith and practical help come together to bring wholeness to those who are suffering. Jesus words to Jairus still ring true “Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Chris applies the passage to healing today and invites any who are suffering to come to Jesus in the same way.