Freedom in Christ


Part of human nature is the desire to be accepted, whether that is by our family, friends, colleagues, even by society at large. But what do we put ourselves through to try and attain that acceptance? Chris reminds us that whether we are accepted or rejected by the world doesn’t matter, it’s whether we are…


An all-age service on the subject of forgiveness. Last week we thought about repentance, and a large part of repentance is the forgiveness of others. What does it mean to forgive? And how does Jesus unlock the way to find forgiveness with God and with each other?

Chris and Lynne lead us through the service with readings, a performance from Lynn and Esther and a one of a kind, never to be replicated amateur dramatisation of the parable of the unforgiving servant.


As Christians we are called to repentance. In today’s climate it’s easy to think that this just means confession of what we’ve done wrong, but Chris explains that confession is only one of several steps towards the true repentance that God is looking for. How can we be truly repentant?

Shona leads the rest of the service with sung worship this week led by Mike.