Sermons from October 2016

Holy Spirit in Jesus

Jesus’ birth, teaching, power, sacrificial death and resurrection were all the result of the work of the Spirit. Jesus told the disciples that because He lived with them the Spirit lived with them and would one day live in them. Having reflected on what the life and teaching of Jesus reveal about Holy Spirit, Chris outlines how we are seeking to respond as a church.

Holy Spirit in History

We begin our new series on the person and work of the Holy Spirit by tracing the work of Holy Spirit through history from Genesis to Revelation. Chris highlights the Spirit’s role in contending with humanity and bringing order out of chaos. He concludes with a call accept the free gift of the water of life which is available to all who call on the name of the LORD.

What are the Motivational Gifts?

God has made every one of us unique yet we are more like some people and less like others. Using a biblical approach Chris applies Paul’s teaching in Romans 12 to help us to think of ourselves with sober judgment in accordance with the faith God has given us. He then goes on to encourage us to exercise our gifts according to the grace given to each of us.

Illusion or Reality

Jonathan Burroughs leads us through a study in the life of Rehoboam, looking at family history and the relationship between God and David, Solomon and Rehoboam. He challenges us to examine our relationship with God and to have more of a true heart-relationship with him just as David did.