The Cross of Christ

The Road to the Cross

The principalities and powers behind the religion, politics and betrayal had to be drawn out and displayed for what they truly are.  The involvement of each in Jesus sacrifice accomplished made this plain.  As a result we can be set free from the fear of death to hear the truth and love as we have been loved.

The Glory of the Cross

Kath Robinson continues the series, reminding us that we can’t begin to earn our salvation – all we can do is boast about The Cross. Once, the cross was considered disgraceful, but Paul turns it around into his boast about God’s love for us and our salvation. If we boast in the glory of The Cross, then we can boast in nothing else. When we boast in The Cross it changes everything for us – our values and our identity. When we humble ourselves and recognise our inadequacies before God then Christ becomes our strength. This is the glory of The Cross of which we boast.

The Blood of the Cross

The Lord Jesus asked His disciples to remember Him through symbols of bread and wine. Reminders of His broken body and poured out blood. Blood is more than a metaphor in the bible. Understanding God’s view of blood is a vital key to understanding the relationship between life, death, sin and forgiveness. In the shedding of Jesus’ blood, the pouring out of His life, the symbol of animal sacrifice becomes the reality of Jesus’ death for our sin. Christianity is not about clever philosophies and fancy theories but flesh and blood, wood and nails reality.

The Message of the Cross

In this series our aim is not to come up with clever theories about the cross but to reap its benefits, live its life and proclaim its gospel. Chris aims to inspire us to discover again the wonder and power of the cross of Christ. In the first talk he focusses on the revelation which the cross brings about who we are, who God is and how we can be reconciled.