Prayer Life

Prayer Life: The Church

As we celebrate Pentecost Chris explores the connection between prayer and the Holy Spirit in the early church. As we pray God’s Spirit will inspire us to pray more then as we are filled with the Spirit we will grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding on how to pray and be inspired to pray more powerfully. The best place to start is right where you are!

Prayer Life: David

Chris continues the series on prayer by looking at David’s prayer life. David’s extensive and varied prayer life causes us to examine our own and ask if we always prayer with our whole heart. If we don’t, then perhaps we don’t recognise our desperate need of God or that God is trustworthy.

Prayer life: Moses

The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. Jesus taught them how to pray and how not to pray. Prayer then is something that can and must be learnt. In this series Chris examines the prayer lives of some of the most effective prayers in Scripture and asks what we can learn. The series begins with Moses from whom we learn how to ensure the work we do for the LORD lasts.