Meals with Jesus

Meals with Jesus: Don’t get Disconnected

How can we find assurance of eternal life? How can wealth be a hinderance? How does God make the impossible possible through Jesus? Does your faith touch your wallet as well as your heart? Chris explores how our security, acceptance and significance are rooted in grace and yet we are encouraged to invest for eternal returns.

Meals with Jesus: I hear you knocking

What do we need to do to find the security, acceptance and significance we need? In this talk Chris highlights Jesus’ teaching that our hunger is rightly met through the gift of the Spirit. Our Heavenly Father is not reluctant to give Holy Spirit yet Jesus clearly teaches that we can not receive Him or His gifts if we do not persist in asking, seeking and knocking, recognising our desperate need of Him.

Meals with Jesus: Multiply

Whilst our need for security, acceptance and significance are fully met through our relationship with Christ our experience of these can vary. In the light of John 6: 1-11 Chris seeks to show how we can experience these in greater measure through trusting, receiving and obeying. In response he challenges us to offer the little we have to God, receive His gifts and get involved in His miracle.a