Elijah was a man who trusted God completely. He followed all of God’s commandments through good and bad without knowing what would happen to him or those around him. When we have tough times, it’s easy to forget that God has a plan for us. Sometimes we need some perspective to see what that plan is.


Who do you think you are? Are you defined by your DNA? By your family tree. By your nationality? Or your race? By your gender or your sexuality? Are you defined by your inherited religion? The Apostle Paul found a new identity in Christ and Jesus calls us to do the same. Chris challenges us to forget who we thought we were and press on towards the goal of knowing Jesus more because the more we know Him the more we shall be like Him.


Some of the most important things in life are imperceptable to our 5 senses.  There is a spiritual dimension to life which is vitally important but not always visible.  In this service we learn about Jesus who makes the invisible God visible and think about how we might respond.