Sermons from March 2021

The Triumphal Entry – A Liberation March

For Palm Sunday this year, we invite a (virtual!) visiting speaker. Beth Powney, EBA Regional Minister, brings us her take on the Triumphal Entry as a liberation march and asks whether we are willing to join that march today.
Elsewhere in the service, Chris leads us in prayers whilst Peter Crosbie brings the reading and Mike chooses the worship music.

We Need God’s Word!

This week we continue our journey through Psalm 119, with the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “gimel”. Chris looks at our need for God’s word and how we there is humility and strength in admitting our weeknesses.
Susan leads the rest of the service, with prayers and reflection for Mother’s Day. Mike has chosen this week’s worship music.

Take time to be Holy

This week we continue our look at Psalm 119 with the second stanza based around the Hebrew letter “beth”. Chris looks at how we should and can take time to be holy in our lives.
Lynne leads the rest of the service with contributions from Shona and Vanessa, whilst Pete chooses this week’s worship music.