Sermons from 2021

A Motley Crew (Communion September 2021)

This week Ricky looks at the amazing way throughout the Bible that God uses people that at first glance are wholly unsuitable for His work but who managed to do many great works in His name, and how He unites an otherwise disparate and unconnected group of people with many different skills into His church today.
James leads the rest of the service whilst Barry leads us in communion and Mike leads our sung worship.

Mercy Ships (Harvest 2021)

For our 2021 Harvest service Neil Harris from Mercy Ships brings us a look at what the organisation does, how it helps the less priveged people in the world and what we can do to support their work.
Andy leads the rest of the service with a reminder about why we celebrate Harvest and Pete and Nick lead our sung worship.

The Seed and the Soil

The parable of the sower is one of Jesus’ most famous parables, and often in the church we use it when speaking about mission, viewing ourselves at the sowers. But this week Chris turns it on its head and asks which type of soil are we?
Susan leads the rest of the service with contributions from Pete and Lynne leading the music.

Communion August 2021

For our August communion service Chris leads us through a few verses from the sermon on the mount, inviting us to further examine ourselves and our attitudes by asking three questions: where are you storing up your treasure, what is your world view and are you heding your bets?
Andy leads the rest of the service with contributions online from Greta and Jacqui and in-person music led by Pete and Nick.

Catching the Wave: The Church

As Christians we are called not to be lone operators but form communities of people, what we now call “church”. Chris concludes our Catching the Wave series by speaking on our contribution to the church and how we can pray for revival in our nation and around the world.
Karen leads the rest of the service with music from Pete and Lynne.

What’s In Your Hand?

As Chris is away this week Susan brings us back to a question that we first asked ourselves in 2019, what is in your hand? That question has taken on far more meaning than we ever thought it could have done over the last year and a half, and because of that Susan asks us to reconsider our answer. After this pandemic is over, what have we got to offer God and our community?
Ant leads the rest of the service as he interviews Emily about her work as a nurse in the NHS and Mike leads our worship this week.

Going Back or Moving On?

As we exit national lockdown (for the time being at least) we have a choice to make. Do we go back to what we did before or do we move on and try something new? Chris looks at several instances through the Bible where those decisions were made and looks at what we can learn from them.
Susan leads the rest of the service with music led by Pete and Lynne.

Communion July 2021

Chris and Lynne lead us through our Communion service for July 2021. We were unable to renew our covenant with each other and with God in our traditional covenant service in February and so this week we take that opportunity as we are on the brink of re-opening the church for full-scale Sunday services. On that note, Chris speaks about the relaxation of lockdown rules and how we as Christians can love our neighbours in the times that will be ahead where we will legally (but not necessarily morally) be able to take our lives “back to normal”.
Lynne has chosen the music for this week and also brings us an update on the inaugural Worship in the Woods held last weekend.