Sermons on Mark (Page 2)

Mark 10

In Mark 10 Jesus focuses on how we can enter the Kingdom of God. His teaching calls for a radical reversal of all we might think.  We can not be good enough.  Our hearts are hard.  Our leadership aspirations are deeply flawed.  Jesus is our ransom to set us free.  Only when we recognise that it is impossible for us to change ourselves can we be saved by faith in the God of the impossible.  What needs to change in our lives in the light of this revelation?

Mark 9

The Kingdom of Heaven is brought into the suffering and brokenness of the world through Jesus. In this passage we see a revelation of the heavenly reality breaking in. Jesus then teaches about the implications of His coming kingdom for personal holiness and our relationships with each other. We are called to join Him in bringing the Kingdom of heaven to a suffering world.

Mark 8

Jesus asked great questions and challenged His followers to enter into deeper covenant with Him. Chris invites us to renew our discipleship covenant with Jesus.

Mark 7

We all know the Pharisees got it wrong but how did they do so and do we do the same? Where does evil come from and what can we do about it? More challenging teaching on how to develop a closer relationship with God.

Mark 6 Part II

Jesus does amazing miracles: healing, feeding and walking on water. In the midst of this display of divine power is the story of the beheading of John the Baptist. Jesus does not set this prisoner free, He does not prevent John’s death nor does He raise John from the dead as He raised Lazarus. Chris helps us to explore the characters in this dramatic passage of history and to think about the implications for our own lives.

Mark 6, Part One

Faith is important in opening the way for miracles but how can we grow in faith? Susan and Chris explore this theme from Mark 6. We are all challenged to take steps of faith as our hearts are softened and we grow in understanding.

Mark 5

The power of Jesus, faith and practical help come together to bring wholeness to those who are suffering. Jesus words to Jairus still ring true “Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Chris applies the passage to healing today and invites any who are suffering to come to Jesus in the same way.

Mark 4

Jesus explained that the word of God was to be scatters widely. His Light was to be allowed to shine. The places of growth can be surprising and the mysterious. Chris challenges us to listen to Jesus teaching and invite widely. Do we still have no faith?

Mark 3

The Pharisees were looking for a reason to condemn Jesus and the teachers of the Law chose to believe the Holy Spirit was evil. We are challenged to look for a reason to believe and to truth in the Spirit’s work. Will you stretch out your hand if Jesus calls you to?