Andrew Webb

Andrew (Andy to his nearest and dearest) was appointed to serve as a deacon in September 2019. He first attended Burwell Baptist Church when he was about a week old and has been a regular face in the congregation ever since. He was baptised here in 2010 and became a member in 2015 once he moved back to Burwell after 4 years studying at the University of Leeds. He currently lives just down the B1103 in Newmarket but still makes several visits a week back to Burwell to attend and help out in church activities.

Alongside being on the leadership team he manages and produces the live streaming of our services, is a member of the volunteer team that leads worship, and is one half of our two-man technical crew. He is also co-ordinator for the church’s youth work programme, Gravity (currently on hiatus).

Outside of the church he works as a Principal Scientist at a pharmaceutical testing laboratory just outside Cambridge and is a walking, talking receptacle of pointless knowledge. If you want a vaguely on topic pop culture reference shoe-horned into a Sunday morning service, he’s your man!