Deacons are church members who elected by the members to serve on the leadership team. They represent the members and have particular responsibilities for practical matters.

Paul Baxter

Paul serves as our treasurer, our Baptist Home Mission and Baptist Missionary Society representative and one of our in house photographers!

Trevor Wick

Trevor currently serves the church as a deacon. Trevor is married to Shona (who runs Good News Club at the church) and they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in March 2016. He took early retirement from the Civil Service in June 2016 to help with family matters, has 2 grown up daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter. Trevor also does volunteer work as a Town Pastor in Newmarket on Saturday nights.

Andrew Webb

Andrew (Andy to his nearest and dearest) was appointed to serve as a deacon in September 2019. He first attended Burwell Baptist Church when he was about a week old and has been a regular face in the congregation ever since. He was baptised here in 2010 and became a member in 2015 once he moved back to Burwell after 4 years studying at the University of Leeds.

Anthony Cobbold

Ant, currently serves the church as a deacon. He was born and brought up in Stanningfield, a small village, just outside Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk but has lived in the village since 1996. He was baptised at Bradfield and Rougham Baptist Church in 1983 aged 17. He became a member of Burwell Baptist Church around 2009. He has two daughters and a son. He uses his practical skills around the church building and grounds, leads services and helps organise men’s meetings . He is a keen supporter of Manchester United and still plays football in Burwell.

Ricky Dolphin

Ricky currently serves as a Deacon.  Ricky has been at Burwell Baptist for about 12 years and lived in Burwell for 25 years. He is married to Vanessa and they have two teenage children. He is passionate about changing lives for the better and joined the church to make a difference in the community where…

Kath Robinson

Kath, currently serves the church as a deacon. She has lived in the village for 8+ years, she became a member a couple of years ago and was baptised in 2017. She is married to Pete and they have two grown up children. She uses her artistic skills to support worship and outreach and occasionally preaches. She has a passion for prayer for healing in its various forms.

James Webb

James has been a member for many years, he won’t admit how many, but he was baptised here in 1982. He is married to Karen and they have two grown up children. He has passion for seeing men, women and children reach their full potential in God.