Acts 6

The story of Acts continues this week, Chris speaks on the events of Acts 6. With the church growing and gaining momentum there was concern that the Apostles were becoming overwhealmed with the workload and certain ministries may be missing out because of this. The early church then institutes the prototypical structure of what we now call church leadership, the Apostles continued in spiritual leadership but delegated other tasks to seven others chosen from amongst the disciples in the church. It was such an enduring and powerful model of leadership that around the world thousands of churches (including us!) still use a derivation of it today. Amongst those chosen was Steven (more on him at a later date), who proved that although he and his fellow deacons were not the primary spiritual leaders, God’s spirit can still use them to advance the church. And that means us too!

Karen leads the rest of the service with a focus on prayer for the many situations around the world that get ignored by the mainstream news, whilst Mike leads our sung worship.