Sermons from July 2019

Where Are You?

Over the summer we have planned a series around five questions God asked. Questions which God asks each of us today. You may have lots of questions for God but it may be a surprise to hear the questions which God asks. Here is the first question: Where are you?

Esther 6

God works out His purposes within our free will. Through seeming coincidence He brings low the proud and lifts up the humble. In Jesus Chris He offers the greatest exchange of all: His righteousness for our sinfulness. Don’t just here the message. Accept the exchange for your life.

Esther 5

Do our circumastances shape us? To some extent they do, but how they shape us depends on the decisions we make. In Chapter 5 the character of each person is revealed and God gives opportunity to repent or harden. After fasting and prayer Esther takes sensitive action. What one thing is God asking you to do?