Sermons from June 2019

Esther 4

Destiny and fate are different. Esther has a destiny to fulfil but she must decided if she will do so. We too have a destiny and are called for such a time as this. The question is whether we will choose to fulfil our destiny.

Esther 3

In this chapter a personal slight is escalated to attempted genocide. The plot explores freewill and God’s sovereignty. In the light of the cross, Chris challenges us to recognise our individual responsibilities to stand for truth and to oppose the prejudices which lead to genocide.

Esther 2

In the midst of the mess of real life, in a hostile environment, Esther and Mordecai discover God’s favour and become part of His plan. Where might God’s favour be at work in our lives?

Esther 1

As we begin a new series in Esther, Susan looks at the first chapter explaining how we can see that God acts even when it’s not immediately obvious. Chapter 1 sets the stage for everything that is to come…


Who do you think you are? Are you defined by your DNA? By your family tree. By your nationality? Or your race? By your gender or your sexuality? Are you defined by your inherited religion? The Apostle Paul found a new identity in Christ and Jesus calls us to do the same. Chris challenges us to forget who we thought we were and press on towards the goal of knowing Jesus more because the more we know Him the more we shall be like Him.