Sermons from June 2017

T-Shirt Slogans: 1 Timothy 3:1

In the second in our series of Paul’s T-shirt slogans Chris explores a trustworthy saying about Eldership. He seeks to understand why this is a key saying for Paul and how we can respond in our attitudes to our leaders and our own individual roles in shepherding the flock under our care.

T-Shirt Slogans: 1 Tim 1:15

The slogans and catch phrases which we repeat reflect our culture. The Apostle Paul selected 5 pithy sayings which he said were trustworthy. In this series Chris explores how these phrases speak to transform our minds by the renewing of the Spirit. In the first talk we consider the saying Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners – of whom I am the worst. These are words which break the power of pride and self pity, assure us of salvation and propel us in to service for Christ. A trustworthy saying indeed!

Prayer Life: The Church

As we celebrate Pentecost Chris explores the connection between prayer and the Holy Spirit in the early church. As we pray God’s Spirit will inspire us to pray more then as we are filled with the Spirit we will grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding on how to pray and be inspired to pray more powerfully. The best place to start is right where you are!