Sermons from August 2016

The Life of Jesus – Transfiguration

As we continue our exploration of some key events in Jesus’ life we come to the Transfiguration. Chris examines Luke’s account, brings the good news that Jesus did not stay on the mountain but went to the cross and asks how we can respond to the revelation which was witnessed that day. He challenges us to listen to Jesus in our current situations.

The Life of Jesus – Signs

Responding to misgivings about Jesus expressed by John the Baptist, Jesus drew attention to the miracles that he was performing. These are signs that provide evidence that Jesus really is the Son of God. And if Jesus’ response was intended to reassure John, it can also reassure us if we have doubts about who Jesus is.

The Life of Jesus – Teaching

We continue our series on the life of Jesus. Chris asks what we can learn from Jesus’ emphasis on preaching and teaching. He concludes that Jesus wants to win our minds as well as our hearts. In response we were invited to consider how we could be transformed by the renewing of our minds.