Sermons from July 2016

The Life of Jesus – Baptism and Temptations

Jesus was tempted in every way as we are yet without sin. We do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses. He defeated satan in every battle and especially in the final battle on the cross where satan’s power through sin and death are broken. Chris explores our calling in the light of Jesus’ victory.

The Life of Jesus – God with Us

In this series we will be taking an overview of the life of Jesus. We will be asking why each section is selected by the gospel writer?, what is the good news? so what? and now what?. In the first section Chris examines the childhood of Jesus and calls us to life extraordinary lives in the midst of the mundane.

Anger or Compassion

As we conclude our study of the book of Jonah we find God making it personal with Jonah. Chris explains God longs for more than mere obedience but seeks to transform us by the renewing of our minds. He invites us to consider what our emotions reveal about our attitudes towards God and to allow God to speak directly to those emotions.

Restoration and Obedience

Chapter 3 of Jonah gives an insight into what true repentance looks like and leads to. Chris explores the themes of restoration and obedience for Jonah and the Ninevites, highlighting that God does not require us to be perfect to begin being obedient. He asks what repentance, restoration and obedience look like for our own situations.