Holiday at Home

Holiday at Home Programme

Burwell Baptist Church are offer the opportunity to enjoy all the fun of a holiday without the fuss.  No passports, travel insurance or cramped flights.  With a week of activities suitable for older people from a Garden Party with live Jazz to Arm Chair Olympics, from a Fish and Chips Lunch and “seaside activities” to a day out at the Dad’s Army Museum followed by lunch at a Garden Centre.  It promises to be a real treat.

Following a successful Strawberry Tea last year the minister, Rev Chris Johnson, has encouraged a team to plan this more ambitious “Holiday at Home”.  He has experience of being involved in such weeks before coming to Burwell and felt that it might be appreciated here too.

The village has excellent provision for older people from Burwell and District Day Centre and the many social groups and church groups in the village.  However, the enthusiasm for the Strawberry tea suggested that there is still space for more activities to bring a little fun into people’s lives.

During the summer some activities and groups stop and it can seem a long time for those who are unable to go away on holiday.  It can be a lonely and isolating time when family and friends are enjoying a time away.  So churches all over the country offer activities which bring people together to experience the fun of a holiday with others whilst getting home to your own bed every night.