Lyfe Group

Lyfe Group – 8pm Thursdays

Days of Wonder, Living a Supernatural Life, is a video and discussion course.  Across 8 topics, Jarrod Cooper aims to stir in our group a passion for revival, an assurance of God’s grace, a love for the Holy Spirit, confidence to expect miracles and a clarity in hearing God’s voice. Titles for the sessions are:

  • Divine Climate Change
  • Boldness for Broken People
  • How to Perform a Miracle
  • Miracle Blockers – Fear
  • Miracle Blockers  – Religion
  • Miracle Blockers – Self-disqualification
  • How to Hear God’s Voice
  • The Power of Praise

We meet one week in the church lounge for the video, discussion and prayer then the next week in one of our local pubs to spend time reading and reflecting on Scripture.

We select a relevant ’challenge’ to experience throughout the week. In doing so, the group goes on a journey and together, we discover a deeper life with God. Why not come along and try it?